During the period from May to December 2017, 5 study visits have been organized and 6 representatives participated in each meeting. During the visits, different youth and gender-related NGOs who mobilize the youngsters were visited. In each visit in the visited country, representatives visited 6 different youth organizations.

C1: TOG to REDE:(15 – 18 May, in Portugal). 3 representative from TOG, 3 representative from Yaşar University has been participated.

C2: USB to TOG: (17-19 July, in Turkey) 5 representative participated.

C3: All to Euronet (26-19 November, in Italy)  5 representative participated.

C4: Euro-net to Yaşar University: (06th and 09th December in Turkey) 6representative participated.

C5: REDE to USB: (15th and 18th June in Greece): 6representative participated.